Hillrom Compliance Service Programme

Preventative maintenance - maximize performance, minimize problems

Health care providers often emphasize the importance of preventative care for patients. The same is true for hospital equipment. A yearly preventative maintenance programme, including functional and electrical safety testing, certification of equipment, and documentation of any repairs, ensures equipment is functional and safe and also helps hospitals comply with safety regulations.

 At a glance

  • Ensures compliance with local laws and facility protocols
  • Helps prevent failures and breakdowns
  • Maximises product lifetime
  • Offers reassurance that equipment is safe for patient care
  • Helps guarantees optimal functionality is maintained
  • Provides clear record of the service history for the lifetime of the product

High quality maintenance through the automated Data Acquisition System (DAS)

Hillrom has developed an automated system to ensure all your maintenance is performed to the highest standards. Our technicians are trained and certified to assure you that any technical inspection, the integrated electrical safety tests and, if needed, any repairs are done in accordance to the IEC 62353 standard.

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